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From Miscommunication
to Seamless Collaboration

AI-Powered, 100% Customized English Training for multilingual Teams

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Research says multilingual teams face dysfunction and low performance

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We provide AI-powered, custom-made English training to help your company understand each other

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Tell us what your remote workforce does and how they need to communicate.
We create a 100% customized English training plan!

Cultural misunderstandings can cost you thousands

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Months later, senior management investigated why the project had flopped, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. “It all traced back to this one word

We equip your workforce with ALL the tools to understand, and be understood

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With Mindlingo your people learn to collaborate effectively

Unlike all other teaching platforms, we offer a 100% custom-made, holistic solution that  helps your team avoid costly misinterpretations

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Our Teaching Style

The Remote English Masterclass (Groups)


Master the art of remote communication and never feel uncomfortable again. Group sessions open to small groups

Executive English Masterclass (1on1)


Lead with confidence and make sure your people understand your vision. Individual Masterclass for executives

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We provide you with a beautiful dashboard to track your progress

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Our mobile solution fits your busy lifestyle

Tell us what your schedule looks like and we'll build a customized plan you can follow aywhere Anytime

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Grow with us in 4 Steps

We have a consultation to brainstorm a fully customised plan for you at NO COST



Our AI System creates the best possible learning plan for you or your workforce



We arrange the delivery to best suit your workforce schedule




We check the plan together and make any content or duration adjustments


**We will go above and beyond for you, we promise!

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