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Get Your Personal Speaking Partner and 2X your fluency in 2024!

Choose among 4 languages 🇬🇧 🇵🇹 🇪🇸 🇰🇷

The first session is FREE 🎆
No credit card required

Speak more confidently in 4 easy steps...

1. Choose your plan 🎯
2. Choose the language 🗣️
3. Choose the best topic 📋
4. Start speaking today! 🙋🏻‍♂️

Our buddies are passionate language enthusiasts!

We know how hard it is to find a reliable speaking partner!

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Langauge Coach



Let's achieve your speaking goals together!



Localization Expert




안녕하세요! I'm your friendly Korean speaking buddy. Let's enjoy the language journy together!

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Communication Expert




It will be my pleasure to help you improve your speaking skills!

No credit card required!

Stay consistent with a flexible speaking routine!

⏱️ Convenient 25-minute speaking sessions

📅 Choose the perfect date and time for you

👩🏻‍💻 Phone or video - You choose!

🙋🏻‍♂️ Talk to your buddy while going to work

📚 Choose the topic you like before the session

You already have what you need to be fluent!

If you can understand your target language when you read it, you can also use it in conversation!

The problem is that you speak too little!

All the words you know are "passive". You can recognize them but can't use them actively 🤷

The ONLY way to become more fluent is to speak more often!

Change your passive vocabulary into ACTIVE VOCABULARY by arranging a consistent speaking routine

No credit card required!

Choose from hundreds of speaking


What people say about us ❤️

  • What is the Speaking Buddy?
    The speaking buddy is a service to practice conversation in English, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese (more languages soon) privately with a fluent speaker online. Teaching services teach you rules and grammar. WE ARE DIFFERENT! We push you to speak more naturally, and more often! The same way native speakers approach their mother tongue when they're kids. The first session is free for you to try!
  • How does the Speaking Buddy work?
    You can organize online speaking sessions of 25 minutes with your personal buddy where you practice conversation in your target language (English, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Italian) choosing among dozens of topics 👇 We offer two different packages (3 sessions a week or 4 sessions a week). Try the Speaking Buddy, the first session is free!
  • Is the Speaking Buddy face to face or online?
    The Speaking Buddy is an online-only service. But you can decide between video calls or audio calls, depending on your availability and preference.
  • Who is my Buddy?
    Your buddy will be a fluent speaker of your target language. We are experienced language learners who have mastered multiple languages. We know exactly what you need to improve your speaking fluency because we have personally done this in the past! We have excellent communication skills, and the ability to make you feel extremely comfortable and free to speak without being judged or interrupted. Give it a shot! The first session is free. No credit card required.
  • Are Buddy partners teachers?
    No! We purposely decided not to hire teachers because we have personally tried teaching services and it didn't work for us! Teaching services teach you rules and grammar and make you memorise words you don't need and never use (that's why you forget them). WE ARE DIFFERENT! We push you to speak more naturally, and more often! The same way native speakers approach their mother tongue when they're kids. If your goal is to learn grammar and rules, the Buddy isn't for you. The Buddy program is for people who don't have the chance to speak their target language and want to practice more naturally and consistently.
  • Is the Speaking Buddy right for me?
    If you want to practice conversation about topics like work, travelling etc, but rarely have the chance, the Speaking Buddy is perfect for you. Don't worry about your level too much. The majority of learners tend to have a good level of listening and reading already. The main problem is usually speaking. Why not try? You have 1 session for free to decide!
  • How many sessions a week can I do?
    We have two packages: Rookie, and Fluent. Each one allows you to have a specific number of sessions per month, that you can use the way you want. You can decide to have 1 session per week or 1 session every day. The choice is yours. However, we recommend following the guidelines of the package and scheduling either 3 sessions per week (Rookie) or 4 sessions per week (Fluent). We understand that you may be busy, but 3 sessions a week is the very minimum if you want to see results. If you're serious about improving your speaking, trust the process!
  • Can I buy individual sessions?
    No. The Speaking Buddy is a subscription that renews monthly. This is intentional as too often we see people losing motivation too soon and giving up. Speaking a language fluently requires a lot of time and consistency. We've been there, we've done that. If becoming fluent was as easy as practicing for a few weeks, everyone would speak 3 or more languages! We know that memberships are annoying, but investing money is the best booster of consistency! Trust us, we promise to do our best to help you improve! 🤞
  • Can I subscribe today and start later?
    Yes! You can subscribe to a plan today and decide to start later. But before that, we give you the chance to try out our speaking service for free. No credit card required!
  • I will be on holiday. Can I pause my subscription?
    Yes! If you're busy you can pause your subscription and resume when you are available again. While your subscription is paused, you will not lose any session and we will not charge your card.
  • What happens if I can't attend a session?
    We understand that sometimes you might not be able to be there. Don't worry, you can reschedule a session 24H before the starting time.
  • Can I lose monthly sessions?
    When you purchase one of the two subscriptions, we give you a certain number of speaking sessions you can use within the month. It's your choice when to schedule those sessions within the month, but they must be used within that month. If you are sick or can't attend, you can reschedule the session up to 24H in advance. If you go on holiday, you can pause your subscription. Exceptional circumstances and emergencies will be handled individually. Feel free to get in touch through the live chat on the website. We are willing to help!
  • Can I cancel my subscription?
    Sure. You can cancel your subscription from your personal account page on the website. If you need help with that please contact us through the live chat on our website or send us an email at If for any reason you need to stop, we recommend pausing your subscription instead. You can pause your subscription and resume it whenever you want. While your subscription is paused, you will not be charged.
  • Can I get a refund?
    We offer you one trial session for free without asking for credit details. Besides, you have the chance to decide the starting date of the membership as you please. We think this is a very generous offer so if you don't like the trial session, you're free to go. No commitment on your side. However, we understand that sometimes you may subscribe by mistake. We do not wish you to pay for a service that you don't want. So if you have paid for the membership but haven't used any of the sessions, you can ask for a full refund within 14 days of the payment. If you have any concerns, please get in touch. We are very willing to help!
  • My listening is really bad, can I have a conversation anyway?
    Depending on the language you want to practice you may already have enough skills to have basic conversations. As for English, for example, most people are exposed to it since childhood and can understand A2- B1 vocabulary without too much trouble. Besides, your buddy will use our special AI-powered interactive board to translate live into your mother tongue. You will never know your true ability if you never try. The best time to start is now! What's the worst that can happen?
  • What languages are available?
    You can now hire a buddy for English, Portuguese, Spanish and Korean. But we're looking into adding more languages. Let us know if you'd like to practice a language that isn't listed yet! Get in touch through the live chat on our website.

Don't miss the chance!

The best time to start speaking is now! 🏆

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